digital cinema production by Andrew Gupta

Andrew Gupta was at the forefront of the transition from film to digital in still photography, and today Andrew Gupta is at the forefront of the transition from film to digital in motion imaging.

With production and post production capabilities on par with even the largest of studios, Andrew Gupta is able to offer partners and clients almost any solution for any need, delivered to almost any international standard for professional distribution.

Capabilities include content development, pre-production, production, post production, and distribution.

HDTV production by Andrew Gupta

Andrew Gupta’s studio is able to produce, post produce, and deliver content to international (BBC) and national broadcast standards.

Capabilities include 4k and HD production utilizing Panasonic, Sony, Red, Arri, Steadicam, Cinevate, and Kessler-Crane production tools with optics including Zeiss, Cooke, Canon, and Nikkor. Post production capabilities include Adobe and Avid systems.

Content delivery is available in all professional broadcast formats including legacy and next generation.

web video production by Andrew Gupta

The future of all forms of content distribution is “online.” Entertainment, education, news, business, and advertising content — all are rapidly evolving toward emerging destinations that are targeted by demand and triggered by interactivity.

In the short term this means that almost all professional web sites require quality online video. Over the next decade it means “video” will be the driving force for almost all communications.

Andrew Gupta works with partners and clients in all stages of online distribution.