portrait of Andrew Gupta
Andrew Gupta at his home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

"Throne of Democracy" by Andrew Gupta
Award winning and internationally acclaimed “Throne of Democracy” by
Andrew Gupta

About Andrew Gupta

“Andrew Gupta Photography” became “Andrew Gupta Media” in 2007 when Andrew Gupta commenced a transformation plan to convert his studio from still photography to motion imaging. The new studio, formally launched in 2010, was constructed from the ground up with all digital technologies and represents among the most advanced digital cinema production capabilities in the world.

In the mid 1990’s when audio production became truly digital in function, Andrew Gupta was among the first to build a “digital audio workstation” in his home. In the late 1990’s and around the turn of the century, Andrew Gupta was among the first to utilize digital imaging in professional photography.

“I can remember as late as 2003,” recalled Andrew Gupta, “being ridiculed by so-called ‘pros’ because of my insistence to go digital and avoid film… I can’t tell you how many photographers took time to explain to me why film was necessary for pro applications.”

Experienced with both the audio and photography transitions to digital, in 2005 Andrew Gupta clearly saw the next revolution looming on the horizon. “We’re in the midst of a transformation that’s combining ‘video’ and ‘film’ into new technologies and media forms that will be distributed electronically, as opposed to on mechanical devices such as the VHS tapes, DVD discs, or film reels of the past.”

“My background combined with the newest production and post production technologies positioned my studio at the forefront of this revolution.”

Andrew Gupta is an Oxford educated writer with diverse professional experience  including television production, business and political campaign management, fiction and nonfiction writing, marketing campaign design and management, and most recently — the writing of screenplays and documentary film scripts.