Andrew Gupta's experience includes Panasonic, Red, Arri, and Sony professional cameras

Content production services by Andrew Gupta may include development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Consultation by Andrew Gupta covers these areas with a specialized focus on digital cinema technologies and digital distribution.

Production services by Andrew Gupta are state-of-the-art by national and international standards, are 100% compliant with the leading national and international broadcast network standards, and exceed most all professional distribution standards.

Technologies utilized by Andrew Gupta include broadcast and digital cinema production tools by Panasonic, Sony, Red, Arri, and Canon. Post production technologies utilized by Andrew Gupta include Adobe and Avid systems.

Content delivery is available in most all professional formats, including legacy media and next generation encoded files.

Additional capabilities include advanced professional still photography; advanced professional audio production; motion graphics design and production; and script writing and editing.

Because of Andrew Gupta’s embrace of all things new in digital cinema production he is able to offer clients and partners capabilities that, as little as eight months ago, were only available to the world’s largest studios in Hollywood. His focus on new technologies also reduce costs to clients and partners without sacrificing quality.